Saidi Choreo

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Saidi Choreo – Lesson 1
Saidi Choreo - Lesson 2 Part 1
Saidi Choreo - Lesson 2 Part 2
Saidi Choreo - Lesson 3
Saidi Choreo - Lesson 4
Saidi Choreo - Lesson 5
Saidi Choreo - Lesson 6 Part 1
Saidi Choreo - Lesson 6 Part 2
Saidi Choreo - Lesson 7

About This Class

Taught by Cindy, this will be a folkloric Raqs Assaya (cane) dance in the Saidi style to a song called Ya Helou Ya Zein (Oh Beautiful Sweetheart) by Tony Mouzayek.

The choreography will incorporate typical Saidi movements such as soft/informal arms, large chest and shoulder movements that would be visible in the traditional loose-fitting costume, and strong hipwork including hip drops, hip circles, big sideways accents with weight shifts, loose shimmies, and big hip circles that are commonly used in belly dancing.

Footwork tends to have lots of hops (I’ll try to keep to a minimum!!) reminiscent of a prancing horse (harkening back to the Saidi roots), ball changes, and other simple footwork. This choreography will include use of a cane or tahtib that will be twirled, used to frame/accent the body and/or movement, etc.

Folkloric Saidi is typically identified by use of music with a Saidi beat (dum tek dum dum tek) and earthy instruments that almost always includes the mizmar (a reed instrument). This music is moderate tempo, so the choreography won’t be an aerobic exercise. If you are looking for something a little different, try out this folkloric choreography! (Int/Adv)